chances of getting pregnant from precum

chances of getting pregnant from precum - Pregnancy is a wonderful phenomenon initiated by nature. It shows how even the tiniest of things when they come together can grow up into a huge living being. There are hundreds of questions among people on the issue of pregnancy. When we analyze the various aspects of pregnancy we realize that the chances of getting pregnant are at its peak when a female is in her peak youth. At this time, she would be ovulating at her best. And when she comes into sexual contact with the opposite sex, she takes in the semen inside her. The millions of sperms that are present in the semen pass through her vagina and get mixed with the fertile egg in the fallopian tube and she has the best chances of getting pregnant.

chances of getting pregnant from precum - There are many who have different situations in which they are confused about their chances of getting pregnant. Let's clarify a few of them.

Pregnancy happens: (i) when a person has unprotected sexual intercourse i.e. to say without the use of contraceptive pill, a condom or other intra-uterine devices and the man ejaculate inside her vagina.

(ii) When the sperm is deposited directly in the vagina without coming in contact with the open air. If ejaculation happens outside the vagina and you try to thrust into the vagina, the chances of getting pregnant gets reduced drastically. Because once the sperms are exposed to open air, they begin to die at a much faster rate. This also clarifies the doubt of many on whether oral sex and swallowing of sperms will lead to pregnancy.

(iii) When the female with balanced hormonal secretion ovulates at about the time when intercourse takes place.

(iv) If the male's pre-cum falls inside the vagina. Though its chances are less but getting pregnant as a result of it cannot be ruled out as it also contains quite a number of sperms.

(v) More during the intervening 2 weeks period of a female's last and forthcoming menstrual periods. The chances are at its highest as this period is considered the peak ovulation period. So, frequent sex during this period is advisable to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Women that are worried when they do not get pregnant during their first coupling should understand the fact that it is a common phenomenon. Statistics have shown that only 20% of those who are into regular sexual intercourse have been successful in getting pregnant in a single cycle. Though the chances of getting pregnant may initially look slim and the success rate may be less, this never means that you are not capable of getting pregnant. It is only a matter of time and situation that needs to be perfected.